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IAA - Intranasal insulin and Abatacept trial

The ATIC-led IAA trial has commenced in Melbourne, with clinical trial centres to open in Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and Sydney.

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ATIC is working across six distinct interconnected Domains to ensure maximum impact and fulfil our bold vision.
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Beyond Insulin - April seminar

The next seminar in our Beyond Insulin series will take place Friday the 28th of April from 1pm – 2pm. Dr Ki Wook Kim will provide an overview of the ongoing investigations within the Environmental Determinants of Islet Autoimmunity (ENDIA) study aimed to examine without bias, all viruses (i.e. the virome) and their potential contribution to childhood islet autoimmunity.

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News & Events


Viral aetiology of type 1 diabetes

April 2023

7th seminar in the ‘Beyond Insulin: Innovative research in T1D prevention and cure’ seminar series


Verapamil in type 1 diabetes

March 2023

The human immune system works every minute of every day to keep the body healthy – through constant monitoring, and by tracking and destroying pathogens, such as disease-causing bacteria and viruses.


Continuous glucose monitoring in children at risk of type 1 diabetes

March 2023

6th seminar in the ‘Beyond Insulin: Innovative research in T1D prevention and cure’ seminar series


ATIC Town Hall Forum – video now available

February 2023

ATIC recently invited members of the type 1 diabetes community to learn more about ATIC – the first Australasian clinical trial collaborative set up to accelerate development and delivery of immunotherapy treatments.  


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