ATIC is working across six distinct but interconnected domains, ensuring maximum impact for our bold vision: to fast-track immunotherapy treatment options for people with type 1 diabetes.


Clinical Trials

Led by Associate Professor John Wentworth

Aim: Implement immunotherapy trials for type 1 diabetes

  • Secure funding for trials
  • Bring international trials to our region
  • Develop trials for Australian, New Zealand and other international networks
  • Help more clinical centres in our region run immunotherapy trials
  • Grow screening activity in partnership with the ENDIA, Type1Screen and the National Screening Program

Regulation and Government

Led by Professor Thomas Kay

Aim: Advocate for regulatory approval and government funding of immunotherapy treatments for type 1 diabetes

  • Partner with national and international diabetes organisations to build a case for funding of new tests and immunotherapy treatments in T1D
  • Establish links with government health departments, the Australian Standing Committee on Screening, and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee to fund screening and treatments
  • Contribute knowledge gained from the Australasian experience to the global development and approval of effective therapies

Education and Training

Led by Dr Michelle So

Aim: Train, equip and update clinicians, scientists and the wider community on the fundamentals of immunotherapy, as well as the latest research on its use in type 1 diabetes

  • Deliver education programs for medical students, specialist trainees and endocrinologists to equip them to use immunotherapy in type 1 diabetes care
  • Conduct a monthly seminar series where leading researchers can present local and international findings on immunotherapy for type 1 diabetes
  • Ensure ATIC research is communicated at national and international conferences, symposia and peer-reviewed publications
  • Provide free online educational resources for professionals and the community

Data Management

Led by Professor Maria Craig

Aim: Facilitate data driven research

  • Integrate and link ATIC data with the Australasian Diabetes Data Network (ADDN) and other key networks, including the NDSS, ENDIA, Type1Screen
  • Harmonise data collection for ATIC clinical trials with other T1D trial consortia, including INNODIA and TrialNet
  • Facilitate the sharing of clinical trial data for approved research projects (for example, for the prediction of response to immunotherapy)

Preclinical and Translation

Led by Professor Helen Thomas and Professor Ranjeny Thomas

Aim: Help transform scientific discoveries into effective treatments

  • Test promising new drugs and devices in the laboratory
  • Develop better ways to measure the effectiveness of immunotherapy
  • Harmonise methods of sample collection, storage and analysis for use across different clinical trials
  • Develop capacity for stem cell therapies to be used in combination with immunotherapy
  • Develop simpler, more accurate screening tests for type 1 diabetes

The preclinical and translation team works closely with contract research organisation Effica Biolabs, located at St Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research. Together, Effica and ATIC offer an extensive range of preclinical and clinical trial services.

Get more information on Effica Biolabs.


Community Engagement

Led by Candice Hall

Aim: Ensure ATIC’s work meets the needs of people living with type 1 diabetes

  • Establish a Community Panel to develop and maintain a strong community voice in ATIC and provide advice to its leadership
  • Strengthen connections with T1D advocacy groups and professional organisations
  • Create opportunities for the lived experience of clinical trial participants to be communicated to professionals

Page last updated: 4 August 2022