Posted: March 2023


Seminar 6 – Thursday the 23rd of March

Speaker: Dr Aveni Haynes and Professor Yvonne Zurynski

Topic: Continuous glucose monitoring in children at risk of type 1 diabetes AND Making lasting practice improvements whilst looking through an implementation science lens

Time: 1pm – 2pm

Location: Zoom

Seminar flyer:

ATIC seminar_flyer_Mar2023 – Dr Aveni Haynes

ATIC seminar_flyer_Mar2023(2) – Professor Yvonne Zurynski

Seminar recording: posted within 1 week of seminar date

Dr Aveni Haynes will present her research using continuous glucose monitoring devices, which measure sugar levels in the body every 5 minutes for up to 10 days in a row, to investigate how and when sugar patterns change during the early stages of type 1 diabetes, in very young children at risk, before any symptoms or signs of the condition.

Professor Yvonne Zurynski will talk about the promise of implementation science and learning health systems for supporting lasting changes in clinical practice, models of care and referral pathways. Yvonne will cover the basics of these frameworks, followed by discussion on how they might be applied to the work of ATIC.