Posted: April 2022


Leading diabetes clinicians and researchers from across Australia gathered recently for the first meeting of the Australasian Type 1 Diabetes Immunotherapies Collaborative (ATIC) Steering Committee.

Discussion topics at the meeting included: assessment of potential immunotherapy clinical trials; use of Type1Screen and the soon-to-be-available bloodspot testing to identify people with type 1 diabetes antibodies who may be eligible for immunotherapy trials; and the importance of representing the broader type 1 diabetes community in ATIC activities.

The Steering Committee affirmed its intention to form a community reference panel, with invitations to members of the type 1 diabetes community to be issued in coming months.
Education seminars were also prioritised to commence later in the year, as part of muti-pronged education series targeting groups including medical students, endocrinology trainees and senior clinicians and scientists.

It was decided that ATIC should officially launch at the 2022 Australasian Diabetes Congress (ADC) in August.