Posted: September 2023


T1D RELAY - New clinical trial now open

ATIC has now commenced recruitment in Melbourne for a new TrialNet lead clinical trial of rituximab-pvvr and abatacept, called T1D-RELAY. T1D RELAY is looking at whether rituximab-pvvr followed by abatacept is more successful at protecting beta cells than rituximab-pvvr alone. All participants in this study will receive 4 doses of weekly rituximab-pvvr by intravenous infusion (into a vein in the arm). This will be followed by weekly subcutaneous injections (under the skin) of either abatacept OR placebo (inactive equivalent). Participants in this study will be aged between 8 and 45 years, with one or more diabetes-related antibodies and a detectable c-peptide (evidence of insulin production) during a mixed-meal tolerance test (MMTT).